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Blue Press Light WordPress & Blogger Theme

We have put together a free custom theme for both WordPress & Blogger. It’s our gift to you for being away for so long Download Blue Press Light WordPress Zip Download Blue Press Light Blogger Zip Let us know your thoughts. Also if you know if anyone who would be interested in regularly writing for [...]

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Roadmap To Become a Blogger Review

Thanks to Yaro Starak & Gideon Shalwick for getting us an advance copy of The Roadmap to Become a Blogger that will be officially released 9am Dec. 1st/2008.   Blogology Rating: 4.5/5   Cost: FREE (That’s refreshing :>)   If you are a newbie, read this before even thinking of seriously starting a blog. If [...]

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Speed Reading 30 Blogs a Day

So you want to follow 30 amazing blogs, but how the heck do you find the time to read 30 blogs a day, when the average person reads only 250 words per minute. If an average blog post is around 500 words, you will chew up an hour a day staying on top of your [...]

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2008 Web Log Awards

The Weblog Awards are the world’s largest blog competition, where you can vote for your favorite blogs or Vlogs  in 48 different categories. So whether your favorite blog is about food, pets, technology or politics you can nominate them or vote for them to win a 2008 Web Log Award. If you would like to nominate Bl.ogology.com, we’d be [...]

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Is Blogging Art or Science?

OK, so you can probably guess we might be a little biased considering our name Blogology, but nonetheless its a question we want to pose to the Blogosphere. Is Blogging Art or Science? With approximately 185 Million blogs worldwide, and Technorati reporting that around 7.4 Million blogposts occured in the last 120 days alone, there [...]

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Blogology is the science of blogging, and we intend to be your main source of information related to blogging. From simple ‘HowTo’s’ to Advanced Strategies, WordPress Goodies, Blog Contests and a whole lot more. We are scouring the net for the best of the Blogosphere. Chief Bloglogist’s: Lee Raito Are you a blogger/blogologist? We are [...]

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Blog Without Writing Free PDF

Yep, another freebie brought to you by Team Blogology.

Here is the FULL PDF download for FREE:

Blog Without Writing

Below is part of the book you can test drive:

Content, content, content. Content makes the web go round.

 From the moment you begin researching ways to make money online, you hear WRITING, WRITING, and MORE WRITING, over and over again. There’s a reason for that and we’re going to discuss how the written word can make you money, but YOU don’t have to be the one doing all that writing. Save your paper and your wrists!

One of the hottest ways to make money online is through the power of blogging. But, what does blogging require? What do you think? What ONE thing must you do above all else in order to blog?

If you’re like the majority of people, your answer probably included…you guessed it…WRITING! After all, that’s what a blog is all about right? On your blog you are sharing your thoughts with others in the form of blog posts that you’ve written – constant writing.

Before you run for the hills, let me let you in on a little secret.

While those blog posts are necessary in order for you to be a successful blogger, they do NOT all have to be written by you.

You need content to make your blog successful, but it does not have to be written by you. Let me explain by giving you some ways to make money and keep your blog fresh without wearing yourself out or giving yourself Carpal Tunnel Syndrome before you even get started bringing in the dough.

But, first, you need to know why content so important on the Internet and especially your blog.

 Why is Content Crucial?


Here are a few reasons…

 First of all, people come to the web for one thing and one thing only – information. Whether they’re shopping for products to buy or looking for a natural remedy for their acne, they’re hitting the web for information, advice, and help.

 If your readers find quality information from you they’re very likely to:

 Stick Around

  • Sign Up for Your ezine or newsletter
  • Twitter about your site
  • Recommend your posts at places like StumbleUpon.com
  • Sign up for your RSS feed
  • Come back in the future
  • Refer others to your site

 Second, search engines LOVE content. The more pages you have on your website or blog filled with quality content, the better. Whether you offer product reviews, funny stories, or meaty training, quality content is rewarded by Google, MSN, and Yahoo, as well as the many other smaller search engines online.

 Third, adding value to the Internet begins to establish you as an expert on your topic. By writing great information, your readers will begin to look at you as THE go-to person for information. You’ll begin attracting interview and JV requests as well.

 As you can see content really is important if you want to build a successful blog or website on the Internet. Without it, your site is just another in the World Wide Web. How can people find you if they don’t know you exist? By establishing yourself and providing your readers with quality posts and other valuable information they need and want, you will see that you can easily become one of the big fish in the pond.

 But, what if you don’t have time to write constantly? Or, what if you don’t like writing? You’re in luck, there are many ways to add quality information to your blog without having to write it all yourself.

 Before we get to that, let me tell you that while you can create a blog purely made up of content that you don’t write yourself, I wouldn’t advise it. If you want to really resonate with your readers, you have to let them get to know you as well. Don’t shy away from writing some posts yourself, but instead use these content creation methods along with your own writing to create even more quality information for your visitors.

Where to Find Content for Your Blog?

Now that you know you need great content for your blog and why, it’s time to move on to the meat of this report. I promised I’d tell you how to get that content without wearing your fingers to the bone. So, here we go! Hang on it’s gonna be a fun ride!

•1.   Hire a Writer

There are freelance writers who make it their business to write articles, blog posts and more for website owners as well as bloggers. Most of these writers, also known as ghostwriters, charge per written piece and base their charges on the word count of the content you need. For instance, you can have a 300 word blog post written for X amount of dollars on the desired topic of your choice.

Normally, you will send the writer either a broad topic or even an actual title and they will in turn write the content for you following your specifications. Finding a ghostwriter is not hard, especially with the field growing by leaps and bounds every single day. The hard part is finding a writer you can communicate well with, afford, and who can write in a way that captures your voice.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when hiring a ghostwriter.

Finding a Writer

Ask for Recommendations – Ask around and see who comes recommended. You can easily get references from other bloggers, website owners, Internet marketers, and even on social media sites such as Twitter.

Search Engines – While this is an option, I would definitely ask people you know and trust for their suggestions for a writer first. Just because a person’s website makes it to the top of the search engine results and they “claim” to be an experienced writer, doesn’t mean they are.

Recommendation: Shelancers.com offers a variety of writers to choose from.

It Might Take More than One to Find THE One


Just as every blog is different, so are writers. Don’t get discouraged if you try one (or sometimes more) writer and he or she is not what you had in mind. Some writers can take any blog owner’s writing style and implement it in their articles and blog posts with no problem what-so-ever. Others don’t find it as easy.

If you hire a writer and find you don’t like their writing style or approach to a topic, move to another. I can tell you from experience; sometimes it takes going through a few writers to find the one that “gets it” and will whip out superb content that fits your personality as if you wrote it yourself.

Feedback is Crucial

When you hire a writer make sure you give them feedback once they’ve completed a writing project for you. If there was something you didn’t like about the article – the way they worded things wasn’t how you would have done it, etc. – let them know. A professional writer will be open to all types of feedback and offer to correct the issue with a re-write. By providing feedback, you are not only letting the writer know what you like and dislike about the content, but you are also building a relationship that will become very beneficial for both of you.

For instance, I know I can start writing something that’s in my head and when I get stuck, it’s nothing for me to whip it over to my writer and say “Help!” I have developed a relationship with her that allows me to feel comfortable throwing something her way without a second thought for improvement, additions, etc. I know that once she returns it to me I will not only be pleased, but it will read as if I’ve written it all myself because she and I have communicated and discussed my likes and dislikes so much that she could pass as me almost any day!

Review & Edit

I know I just said that I can send something to my writer and it would be like I’ve written it myself, but that doesn’t mean I can get away with not looking at the finished product. Even the best of writers have their off days, mine included.

Therefore, it is critical that any piece of writing you have someone else put together for you, should be reviewed and edited as necessary. Whether you’re making changes to put more of your own thoughts and opinions to it or simply adding monetization items, you must, must, must review each and every piece of content you have created for you.

•2.   Seek Guest Experts

You may have seen these on other blogs you, yourself frequent. Also commonly referred to as guest bloggers, guest experts are people who can provide relevant information to your readers in the form of guest posts. These are people who somehow tie in with your blog’s topic. For instance, if you own an Internet marketing blog you might consider approaching people from the following areas about submitting guest posts or becoming a regular guest expert on your blog.


  • Social Media Experts
  • Outsourcing Experts
  • Web Design Experts
  • Technical Experts
  • Working from Home Experts
  • Press Release Experts
  • Affiliate Marketing Experts

The list could go on and on, but I think you get the picture.

You invite them to be a guest blogger on your blog, set them up with their own login information or have them submit their posts directly to you so you can post them yourself.

Give them something in return for their efforts because most guest bloggers are not paid for their posts. Many times a link back to the guest experts’ site and possibly allowing them to promote their own products or affiliates products within their post is all that’s needed. But, with the growth in popularity of guest bloggers, it’s getting a bit harder to find people who will commit. If they’re good at what they do, they will be blogging on other sites as well as yours. Try to sweeten the pot a little to get them to stick around and continue posting. 

Of course, you can pay them to submit information if you’d like. As a matter of fact, I myself have one site where I pay for submissions. I monitor the submissions and if we decide it is site worthy, we pay the author for the article once it’s been published. I’ve found this helps when it comes to having a steady flow of content.

One more thing about guest bloggers you may find helpful. If you know people who are just starting out they are more open to jumping on as a guest blogger than established bloggers or business owners. However, if you aren’t ranking extremely high in the search engines, your traffic numbers aren’t all that great or your blog isn’t quite as popular as you’d like it to be yet, don’t worry. It takes some time to get there, but with the help of adding all this great content and a few other essentials, you’ll be there before you know.

•3. Hit the Article Directories

Article directories are databases full of articles that authors have submitted in hopes that others will pick them up and publish them on their websites and blogs. You can find articles on just about every topic of the sun at these directories.

The catch is that you must include the author’s resource box, which normally contains information about the author and a link to their website, when you publish it on your own site. They are great sources of information, but read the articles very carefully to be sure you are getting the content you want for your website. You wouldn’t want to place incorrect information on your blog and mislead your readers after all.

Here are some of my most favorite article directories:

Ezine Articles

Free Affiliate Articles (get articles that you can monetize with affiliate links in the resource bio)


•4.   Create Video & Audio

Audio and video are growing ever popular online, especially on blogs. You can publish your own audios and videos or you can link to ones that others have created.

Here are some ideas for creating your own audios and videos that you can publish on your blog:

Interviews with experts in your field

  • How-to videos
  • Talk radio shows and podcasts
  • Training
  • And more

Don’t have audio or video creation software? No sweat – you can easily create short videos on your digital camera and upload them to sites like these:



Blip TV

12 Seconds TV

If you’re looking for audio help, have a glance at these sites:


Blog Talk Radio


•5.   Add RSS News Feeds

As you probably already know, most blogs have what is known as an RSS feed. This is where, when set up by the blog owner, readers can subscribe to the feed and be notified of new posts to the blog via email or feed readers. If your blog doesn’t have one, I highly suggest you create one. It’s really easy with the help of a site like FeedBurner.com.

Just as blogs have feeds, so do news websites such as CNN, MSNBC, etc. You can have your blog set up to receive feeds from other blogs or websites automatically. When you do this, your blog will show the posts from the other sites. Your blog is updated automatically every time a post is added to that site.

What a great way to have constant content pertaining to your topic appear on your blog. Great for indexing in the search engines too.

•6.   Ask Your Readers

Another great way to get content is to ask your readers to submit questions, suggestions, etc.


Their information can be turned into content for your blog in many ways:


Q & A Posts – Ask your readers to submit their questions and then answer them right on your blog.


Create a FAQ Page – As you receive questions, add them to a frequently asked questions page on your site. Each time you update the page, let your readers know.


Product Reviews – If you sell products or provide a service, ask your customers for their opinions about these things. Sometimes, they will submit full fledged reviews and you can publish those on your blog.


Testimonials – While these may not be full posts on their own, you can combine some of them and post on your blog.


•7.   Newsletters & Emails to Subscribers

Do you have an email list? When you send emails to your subscribers or send out your regular newsletter, do you stop at that? Start posting the updates you send to your subscribers and your newsletters or ezines to your blog as well.

Some of your subscribers may not get a chance to read your emails before they are shuffled down their inbox screen or worse yet, they may have filters that are blocking your emails altogether. This will allow them to still receive the valuable information you have to share AND give you more quality content for your blog.

Of course, if you have a list that has sensitive information that you don’t want the whole world to see, skip on posting those specific messages. One example of this would be a membership site where you send members a download link each month so they can access their member’s only information. You wouldn’t want just anybody to have the ability to get that information.

But, if you’re adding a new product to your business for instance, go ahead and post the email you send to your past customers on your blog. You’ll get more exposure for your product and added content for your blog. It’s a win-win.

•8.   Load Up with Private Label Rights (PLR) Content

One of my favorite ways to add quality, topic related content to a blog is with PLR. If you don’t know what PLR is, let me fill you in on this wonderful little thing.

PLR content is created specifically for those who don’t have the time, skills or desire to create their own content on a consistent basis. You can find articles, blog posts, reports, recipes, marketing materials, and even web design PLR on the Internet. Someone else writes it and sells it. You buy it and have the ability to use as you see fit – for the most part. Most PLR sites do have rules to what you can and can’t do with the PLR once you purchase it, so be sure you review those before buying.

Recommended PLR Sites:



www.plr.me/easyplr (special offer on that page)

www.PLRSO.com (Internet marketing content)

Now, let’s see what some of the benefits of PLR include:

Inexpensive – PLR is normally cheaper than hiring a ghostwriter. You can normally buy a pack of PLR or sign up for a membership for very little. For instance, a ballpark average cost for a freelancer to write a 500 word article might run you around 10-15 dollars. With some PLR sites, you can buy 10-15 articles for that same price.

Variety – No matter what your topic, you can probably find PLR content for sale about it. The popularity of PLR has helped make it’s availability in a wide variety of markets bigger and broader than ever before.

Limited (some not all) availability – Although PLR is not exclusively yours like ghostwritten material, in most instances the number of times a particular package will be sold is limited. At least with a good PLR seller it is. This will limit the amount of times your content will be found on someone else’s site. (But, I’m going to tell you in a minute how to avoid that, even if the PLR you purchase isn’t limited to a certain amount of buyers.)

Time-Saving – As with the other ways to find content without writing it yourself, PLR saves you a TON of time. It’s already written for you, you just have to make it your own and it’s good to go.

Recyclable – One PLR article can be used over and over again. You can repurpose the same piece of content in numerous ways:

Post it to your blog.

  • Send it to your list.
  • Create your own products with it.
  • Use it in your affiliate program.
  • Use it in your membership program.
  • And so much more.

The possibilities really are endless when it comes to using PLR. The more you use it, the more valuable that one piece of content becomes to you.

One bit of advice if you’re using PLR content:

If you decide to use PLR on your blog (or anywhere else for that matter) rework it before posting it. You want to make the content your own in some way. There will be other people on the Internet that are using this same content and unfortunately some won’t see the need to make the content their own and put it up as is. You don’t want to be offering the EXACT same information as everyone else.

Make the PLR cater to your audience and target market. Add your own thoughts to it. Put a different spin on it, whatever you need to do to make it work for your needs without simply throwing it up on your blog in the same condition you received it in. This is what will set you apart from another blogger in your market. This is what will show your readers that you can be trusted and know your stuff.


I’ve now given you 8 ways to get content for your blog without having to write it all yourself. There are other ways, but these are some of my personal favorites and most popular ways. Pick one you really like or choose a combination of them.

 Up next I’ll give you some ideas for making money with all this content!

 Click here to download the rest of : Blog Without Writing

Beware Niche Profit Revolution

Beware, if you’re looking for a simple way to generate income online, then
if you miss this… then your leaving money on the table.

There’s something new – a new form of Niche Marketing  called Niche
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inner circles of the Internet marketing elite..

And man o man, they’ve been literally *killing* it with  this new method, and
no one had a clue what was going on.

Until now…

Two of the most successful Niche Marketers out there – Adam Short, and
Alen Sultanic – who regularly generate 5 figures per month online from their
“part-time” niche businesses, broke the silence and revealed this new method
right out, plus put their own twist on it that puts it on *steroids.*

Heck, they should call this Niche Marketing 10.0, because it’s light years ahead
of anything else out there.

Ok lets cut to the chase now.

Hop over to Niche Profit Revolution Report to get all the  juicy details on Niche Marketing 2.0
and check it out.

But listen, before you go over there and see for yourself,  we want to tell you the
*best* part about Niche Profit Classroom.

The best part, absolutely the best (and you’ll see for yourself), is that Niche
Profit Classroom is a new type of hybrid site. It has over 400+ hours of videos
to show you everything step by step in the most microscopic detail.

It has software built right into the site so you can put some serious fire power
behind everything you learn.

But best of all, it has a built in community that’s *always* there for you when
you need help to steer you in the right direction.

This is the TOP reason 99% of people fail to generate income online, because
they get everything from 100′s of different sources rather than finding one good
system that works. Then, even if they do find a good system, they don’t have
anyone there to help answer their questions (and there are bound to be some).

But at Niche Profit Classroom, the entire site is laser-focused on helping you
succeed.  All of the software and tools were built to help you reach your goals fast.

Anyhow, don’t take our word for it (we expect you to make your own judgements  
on what’s good and what’s not, we can only point you in the right direction).

Check it out:

 Niche Profit Revolution Report 
All the best,

Blogology Team

Top 10 Blog Traffic Tips

Top Ten Blog Traffic Tips
By Ryan M Shaw

Here are the top 10 ways I used to build up my own personal traffic on my blog websites. Take the time to learn each way effectively and you will be on your way with consistency and perseverance.

#1 – Great Content – This is number one for a reason. This is the reason people come to look at your site, not for the fancy graphics or the fact that you are great at doing 10 posts a day. I recommend having 5 – 10 blog article posts that are 300-1000 words , have pictures, perhaps video and that are targeted for a certain market. This leads me to the second one.

#2 – Keyword Research – You need to find terms that have 200+ searches a month. Use Google’s keyword tool to find terms in your niche. Make sure it’s the exact term and not broad. Also go to Google search and type in this : intitle:”keyword” . This will give you the number of pages that are optimized for that keyword. Usually you want less than 1000; if you are very good at SEO, no more than 2500. Next, write your article about this keyword term. After writing it, go back and make sure you have that keyword term in the title and header tags and in the content a couple times. Usually around 3-7% of all the words on your page.

#3 – Forums – Get on forums in your niche and communicate! Find forums that are do follow such as warriorforum and digital point forums and have a signature with your blog. From time to time, post up your latest blog post if it’s relevant and start up a conversation in forum.

#4 – Article Writing – Take your blog posts, and write an article around that keyword. Get them up on article websites and link back to your site with a keyword you are ranking for on Google. An example, is this article. Although this content is not on website, it will link back to my blog that has posts related to the subject of blog traffic.

#5 – Social Media – Connect with people in your niche on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. I have driven a ton of traffic from these sites.

#6 – PPC – If you have monetized your blog, you should be able to use PPC to drive traffic and turn a profit. This is only for the very advanced bloggers.

#7 – Solo Ad – This is also a pay ad that costs from $5 – $100 and will allow you to submit an email message to their email list. Again, learn how to do it first before throwing your money away.

#8 – Blogs – Post on other people’s blog and they will likely look at yours.

#9 – Social Bookmarking – Digg, Mixx, Propeller, Stumble This, Digg, and Blink! Get on there and post up your site. You will find mine there! This also helps you in the search engine rankings.

#10 – Ping and Search Engine Submission – Use pingoat.com and submit your blog to as many blog engines are search engines as possible.

OK, hope this helps to get started. Take a look at some of my articles for more blog traffic tips.

Ryan Shaw

Blog traffic tips

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ryan_M_Shaw

Bloggersauras? It Is SO a Word

Bloggersauras? It Is SO a Word
By Craig Harper

Sometimes what I write is insightful and clever.
Sometimes not.
Now and then it’s thought-provoking and confronting.
Occasionally it’s deep and philosophical.
Confusing perhaps.
Periodically it’s controversial, if not, politically incorrect.
It’s even been labeled… blunt.
I can’t believe that.
So not fair.

Well anyway, today… it’s nunnathat.
Today, we’re going with amusing, silly and creative.
My site, my rules.
No editors, no pressure, no deadlines.
Freestyle Craig.

For me, the best part of blogging is the creative freedom.
There really is no right or wrong.
(Sure… there’s better and worse).
When I sit down to a blank computer screen with a mind full of ideas, it’s like I’m five years old, I’ve got the biggest piece of paper in the world and an endless supply of crayons and paints.

Sometimes the heavy-duty, life-changing, let’s-analyse-ourselves (again), grown-up stuff gets a little emotionally cumbersome and exhausting (even for me).
Kinda like walking continuously in knee-deep mud; laborious, smelly, tiring and draining.

Occasionally we need to get out of the mud, close our eyes and spin ourselves around in circles, head up to the clouds until we fall down on the freshly cut grass.
And then get up and do it again.
And then do a forward roll and stand triumphantly with our arms in the air while we wait for the judges score.

Unless or course we’re too sophisticated and mature (self-conscious and dysfunctional) to have so much fun.
Remember fun?
Those were the days.

So now and then it’s appropriate, if not necessary, for me to take off my Craig-the-Coach hat and put on my Craig-don’t-let-the-teacher-see-what-we’re-doing… hat.
Now and then, silly is good.
Let’s not analyse, investigate or theorise on anything… for a day.

To the uninitiated, the blogoshpere can be a daunting place.
It was for me.

It’s very big (and growing like a weed), has it’s own (rapidly evolving) culture and language, occasionally has credibility issues (due to the huge amount of cyber-crap some people call blog sites) and regularly seems to have identity issues…. in that, a large percentage of the general population don’t have a clue about what they are, or why they exist.

Someone recently told me they thought a blog was like an online diary that teenage girls keep to update each other on their social lives.
Few (million) of those around too.

Just over nine months ago the bald man sat me down and did his best to explain the concept of blogging and the potential fun and creative freedom that might be had by me, in developing a site such as this.

I didn’t really know what a blog was… had a vague notion, but didn’t totally get it.
Alright, I was clueless.

The first two months cruising the blogoshpere was like being a tourist in a non English-speaking country with no phrase book, no maps and no interpreter… especially exploring some of the blog-development(?) sites with all the bloggerspeak.

So many words and terms.

“Johnnie what’s a Post… and why is it not called an article… looks like, smells like and reads.. like an article?”
“Err well Craig.. it just is.”

(He always had those enlightening responses for me).

And as you all know:

1) Language is a constantly evolving thing.

2) I have a propensity to invent (often stupid) words (Craig, the word-ologist)

3) All words are born somewhere (perhaps some will be born on this site).
Somewhere, some time… someone breathed life into the very words you and I speak every day.

For example… The term blogosphere was coined on September 10, 1999 by Brad L. Graham, as a joke… now it’s part of a world-wide culture and language and used millions of times by millions of people every day.

So, rather than wait for these new words to appear on our screens… I thought that perhaps you and I (being the creative forces that we are).. could become linguistic pioneers, going boldly where few have gone and invent a few words (or terms) of our own.

Maybe we can become part of history.

Imagine creating something which becomes part of every day language…

Here are a few to get you started… (I came up with these and then subsequently discovered that some of them… are already floating in the blogoshpere… Doh!.. not quick enough or creative enough!).

And yes, it’s meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

Bloggette – a small blog.

Bloggersaurus – an early blogger (from the 90′s).

Bloggernaut – someone who boldly explores the outer-reaches of the blogosphere.

Blogvertorial – an advertisement (or series of advertisements) thinly disguised as a blog site. May also be a single post on an otherwise legitimate site… usually promoting one or all of the five P’s (pill, powder, potion, product or program).

Blogology – science of (or study of) blogging.

Blogologist – one who studies blogs.

Bloggerlicious – an attractive blogger (good luck finding one).

Bloggish – looks like a blog.. but isn’t.

Blogoholic – someone addicted to reading and/or writing blogs (I actually know a few people who are heading towards this!)… “Hello, I’m Kelvin and I’m a blogoholic…”

Bloginator – bad-ass blogger.

Bloggee – reader of blogs

So there it is; a smattering of (newish) words to get you started.
Now it’s your turn to create and define your own word (or two) to add to our blogger’s dictionary. The dictionary will feature on our home page (in the sidebar) for the next few months and will evolve with your help.
We will credit you for your word/s.
It is an exercise in fun and creativity but you never know… maybe you’ll create a word which will be embraced by the next generation of bloggers.

So we need:
(1) The word (how you want it spelled).

(2) Your desired Pronunciation (unless it’s obvious).

(3) Definition.

(4) Your name (or cybername if you prefer).

Okay, put your thinking caps on and have some fun.
(Don’t be a scaredy-cat).

If you’re struggling to come up with your own addition to our dictionary, let us know your thoughts on the evolution of the language of blogging.

See ya.

Craig Harper (B.Ex.Sci.) is an Australian motivational speaker, qualified exercise scientist, author, columnist, radio presenter, and owner of one of the largest personal training centres in the world.

He can be heard weekly on Australian Radio SEN 1116 and GOLD FM and appears on Australian television on Network Ten’s 9AM.

Motivational Speaker – Craig Harper

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Craig_Harper

The Value of Viral Blogging

The Value of Viral Blogging
By Tarron Acuff

Even though your blog may be ranking well with the search engines, it may still be a failure in terms of getting more traffic, and converting viewers into buyers. Typically, this will happen if people view your blog once, and then do not return to view it again. At the same time, if viewers do not link to your blog, or forward information to others, you will also lose all kinds of valuable opportunities to reach new customers. Without a question, you will need to find some way to ensure your site is attractive enough to create a viral blogging phenomena.

As with any other kind of website, when other bloggers link to your site, it will help boost search engine ranking. Depending on your niche, some content will generate more interest than others. For example, you may want to use a controversial slant on a topic, or create a humorous story. Ideally, these blog posts should not end with a pitch to buy a certain product. Instead, your goal will be to ensure that you are able to get more traffic to your site on a regular basis, and then let them discover links to your products in the sidebars.

While you may want to use blogging for sales generation, your viewers are looking for a more personal experience. To many people, these two goals may seem like opposites, every conventional salesman develops a technique for combining the two. Therefore, while you are making plans for a new blog, you will need to look for approaches that will communicate personal experience, as well as a novel opinion on the subject at hand.

If you do not feel comfortable about using blogging to share your views, you may want to look for a small forum dedicated to your niche. This will help you determine if potential customers will be offended by your outlook. As may be expected, the last thing you will want to do is form an opinionated blog, only to find that the majority of your customers do not agree with your position.

Before you start blogging, it may help to identify ten blogs that are very popular with readers. You should also look for ten blogs that appeal to you as an individual. As you read these blogs, you should look for things that draw your attention. This will help you identify the underlying mechanics that can be used to build your own blog. Regardless of the content of any given blog, you will most likely find that favorable features act as a common blueprint.

Tarron Acuff is a Ex Athlete turned professional internet marketer, and an underground traffic specialist.

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Ideas For Creative Blog Headers

Creating a header for your blog is one of the best ways to make it unique and stand out from the crowd. When you’re trying to come up with an idea for your new header, you may be drawing a blank. I’ve got a few ideas that will help kickstart those creative gears in your head.

Just Text – I’ve seen a lot of great blog headers that are simply text. Using typography to make your blog stand out is gutsy but can result in a beautiful header. Find a snazzy font – there are tons of free fonts available on the web to download – and use your favorite image editing program to create a cool graphic with your blog title.

Add some text effects to make it anything but generic. You can even make it look like it’s 3D, shiny, or glowing. Try using different colors for certain letters, add a copy of the text flipped upside down to create a mirror effect, or create text using other images. There are lots of ways to get creative with text.

Photography – Some headers are nothing but a photo. A scenic landscape, a city skyline, or a row of cute babies smiling for the camera can make a memorable image for your blog readers.

If you want to get even more creative, design multiple headers and have them rotate each time the page is refreshed. This is a great idea for people with photoblogs who like to showcase their own work.

Minimal – If you have a busy theme or you want to direct the focus on something in particular, you may want to choose a header that doesn’t attract a lot of attention.

A simple blog title may suffice, or a small logo. This works well for blogs that already have a brand that is recognizable.

Grunge – There are lots of grunge images and textures that you can download for free. Grab a few, splice them together, and create your own unique header with them.

While you’re looking for some grunge textures, find some grunge fonts to go with it. A dark grunge background with a white grungy text over top would look great on a personal blog.

Color – Using bright, vibrant colors for your header is extremely eye-catching. It could be something really abstract (in which case many examples can be found on free stock photography and images sites) or you can use a mixture of images that add a lot of color contrast.

In one blog header I designed, I took one image of an apple, duplicated it twice, and changed the color of the second two images resulting in a row of three colorful apples. It was simple and eye-catching at the same time and the same idea could be implemented for any niche blog using different images.

If you can’t decide on one idea, why not try more than one? Some blogs are known to change their headers regularly. In some cases this could confuse your readers, but if done properly, it could end up being something that makes your blog unique. Your readers will expect the change and look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

Cassandra Germsheid is the owner of http://mamasontheweb.com where she helps moms and dads earn money online. Visit her site to learn more about how to make your blog unique.

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Hassle Free Blogging Through WordPress

The World Wide Web has forever been an amazing resource for data, but in the last several years, some people have also been utilizing it as a way to show their feelings. A new trend has swept across the World Wide Web known as “blogging,” where anyone can utilize the web as a journal to convey their thoughts and share them with the world. Bloggers can show their ideas to the globe as opposed to a personal diary, leaving others to learn what they have to say. With this immersion of the blogging community has followed a rising variety of technology that makes developing blogs quick and understandable. One of these technologies is named WordPress, and it lets people work with templates to post their blogs. It’s among the easiest tools in the web, and it has revolutionized the way that individuals post their opinions.

WordPress was made in 2003 as a way to simplify Internet discussions, but it has become the largest blogging computer program in the globe. It has tons of user-friendly aspects, but the most useful feature of all is that it’s totally free. Anyone can have WordPress to produce their blogs into a sleek graphic web design. Because WordPress is so easy to use and is always obtainable across the net, individuals have latched onto WordPress. There genuinely isn’t an easier instrument out.

Aside from being totally free, WordPress is also popular because of its versatility. People can manipulate the templates provided to fit their needs without having to know HTML, XHTML, or any other net design languages. It’s the best answer for the majority of net bloggers who don’t understand the ins and outs of the Internet universe. WordPress could be employed during the creation and management processes of a blog. It offers management tools that let bloggers have complete control over what they put up. Indeed, its the best solution for anyone who wants to write a blog but doesn’t know how to go about it.

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